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Children's birthday photo booth: choose a topic

If you decide to decorate a children's holiday with a bright photo booth, first you can decide its theme and Affordable Photobooth London will gladly help you. And here it is worth considering a few important criteria.

What is the style of the holiday?
If you devote a child’s party to a specific subject, then the photo booth for his birthday should duplicate it. It will be a banner or a volume collage with your own hands - it does not matter. First of all, you will need to order the appropriate thematic image, and then come up with colorful accents. In the case of princesses, this can be a voluminous crown, and with transformers or ninja turtles - silhouettes of characters.

How old is the birthday child?
A very important criterion is the age of the hero of the occasion. For a 1-year baby, a photo booth for a birthday can be made using images of a stork or cabbage. Older children older will be impressed by heroes from cartoons. And schoolchildren will like a more versatile design, for example, a cake with festive candles and balloons.

Girls or boys?
The gender of the birthday child and his guests also plays a role in choosing a theme for a photo booth. There should be no difficulties. But if a company will consist of both girls and boys, then you will have to choose a style that will be of interest to all young guests.

What time of year is it outside?
Another criterion for choosing a theme for a photo booth is the seasonality of a birthday. For summer it is better to choose a floral style. Autumn birthday will perfectly suit the theme of trolls and forest animals. The winter birthday will benefit from a cold heart or ice cream photo booth.
Whatever photo zone you choose for your birthday, it will provide you with bright and original pictures. In addition, it will perfectly complement the festive decoration of the celebration and, perhaps, will be the main focus of the decor.

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