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How to come up with design of your template

Do you want to make your photo booth experience more fun and memorable? Creating unique design of template is what you need! These steps will help you to come up with design of your template.

CREATING BACKGROUND. Are you going to have a birthday party? Wedding? Bar of Bat Mitzvah? Corporate event? Think out what associations your event causes. For example, your son will have his 6th birthday, and he goes nuts with balloons. So, let's add some balloons as background of template, and diversify it adding ribbons. Or if you going to have a corporate event, we can add your company's logo, increasing brand awareness and creating unique sponsorship opportunities for your corporate event.

template exapmle

ADDING SIGNATURE. Basically, people ask us to add their names with short description of event as a signature. For example, "Sam & Jodie's Wedding", "Lisa's Sweet 16", "Anne's Baby Shower" etc. Also we recommend to add the date of event to template to make it memorable. You can also show more creativity and add your favorite quot or anything else. You know, there is no limit for your dreaming. We'll add anything you want :)
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